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Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Citizen Kane of Star Wars Movies

As part of the generation that remembers standing in line for – and having my imagination broadened by – the original Star Wars, I knew going in that my reaction to The Force Awakens would be anything but indifference. The unexpected part, which took some

Guaranteed to Make You Chuckle Knowingly

Some comedy aims low and broad, hoping for big, easy laughs. There’s always a place for a good gag: the pie in the face, the shot in the groin, any of the Hangover movies. (If you know the answer to the cinematic question “What do

A Different Type of Family Dinner

Calling Snarky Puppy a jazz band is like calling Leonardo da Vinci a painter. Snarky’s music is equal parts jazz, soul, rock, fusion, and even classical sprinkled with a healthy dose of ethnic instrumentation. The band is a collective made up of nearly 40 musicians

Songs that Make You Pull Over and STOP What You’re Doing.

It was one minute and twenty-three seconds long. And it changed my life. I was a teenager in Brooklyn in the 70’s: the very epicenter of disco and Saturday Night Fever – an absolute musical juggernaut that crushed everything in its thumping path. Looking back

Craig Ferguson Gives History a Comic Makeover

Fans of history and snark have something to celebrate: late night comedian Craig Ferguson has returned to TV as host of a fun new show called Join Or Die (on History). The name comes from a famous 1754 cartoon by Benjamin Franklin, encouraging divided colonists