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Monthly Archives: May 2016

CultureSonar on the Radio: 3 Documentaries for Music Geeks

We’re happy to report that CultureSonar now has a weekly segment on the “America Weekend,” a nationally-syndicated show hosted by our friend Valerie Smaldone. You can hear our first report, on three music documentaries we love, here. We hope you like it!

To Be or Not To Be (Digital)

No company embodies the tension between historical and current attitudes to media and what many, somewhat clinically, call “content” more than Amazon. With one foot dominantly planted in the field of physical media and the other in digital, they perfectly symbolize why it truly is

59 New Dead Tunes: We Needed That!

The Grateful Dead, active in their original form for about 30 years until the 1995 death of Jerry Garcia, are renowned for an expansive repertoire incorporating genres as disparate as country, jazz, bluegrass…and, of course, psychedelia. The band is recorded as having played over 500

David Byrne’s Medieval Musical Madness

Talking Heads front-man and solo artist, David Byrne, is embarking on his sophomore musical theater effort, in a piece based on the 1431 trial of Joan of Arc, slated to debut at New York City’s Public Theater on Valentine’s Day 2017. Byrne’s first rock musical,

A Taste of Supper Clubs

Charm. Nostalgia. Brandy old fashioned’s. Wait…what? Check out this quirky little documentary called Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club. I grew up in the Midwest, in Ohio. I don’t remember supper clubs like these, but we had small, family restaurants that looked