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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Your Summer Music Reading List

Summer is the time for outdoor concerts and heavy touring by various music acts. But if, like me, you’re not up for the sweaty crowds, beer spilled in your hair and impossible parking situations, connect with your rock roots through a bunch of fantastic reads.

Who Will Be the Face of Rock — in 300 Years?

Quick: name a composer of classic marching band music. Chances are you said, “No problem. John Philip Sousa.” Now name another… Not so easy. In the 19th century, marches were hugely popular. Hundreds, if not thousands, of writers composed them; and Sousa was the most

aeromexico borders commercial

Dreams of a World without Borders

Borders are much in the news lately. They’re constructed between nations, between peoples, between sexes and between religions. Whether literally or metaphorically, borders are a powerful tool in arsenals of political rhetoric, suggestive of security and solidarity in the face of a quickly-changing world. It’s

Wasn’t That a Time

I grew up next door to folk music royalty. Lee Hays was a member of The Weavers, and along with Pete Seeger wrote the famous “Hammer Song,” which was written in support of the progressive movement of the 1940s and became a bullhorn for the

mystifying hits

The List of Mystifying Hits

Everyone knows a song that makes their skin crawl. Sometimes it’s a repellent point of view in the lyric. Maybe it’s a feeling that the song was written by committee, and nothing about it is genuine. Some songs feature numbing repetition. Perhaps the lyric feels