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Monthly Archives: June 2016

A Founding Father of Modern Guitar

Jazz, swing, blues and country music have all been married to rock and roll since its beginnings. And two towering figures in the origin story of rock music are Elvis Presley and Scotty Moore. Presley was such an obvious giant, we might even tend to forget

summer reading list

Beach Blanket Books

Over the past coupla weeks, we’ve talked about podcasts and music to keep you company on your summer road trips. Today, we’d like to recommend some cool summer books for when you get to where you’re going. Being music geeks, we naturally have a bunch

Soul. Food.

In 1985, umami was officially added as the 5th basic sense of taste, and can best be described as flavors that are “pleasantly savory.” However, there is a sixth sense of taste. One that is sometimes elusive, but every bit as real as the other five:

Best Beer Ad Ever?

Advertising for American beer brands, once exceptional (or at least notable; remember “Whasssupp?”) has been watered down nearly as much as the suds themselves. In fact, some brands have forfeited the high ground of competing on taste or ingredients and mistakenly believe that changes in

Still Ragin’ After All These Years

On the cover of Paul Simon’s new album, Stranger to Stranger, the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter stares mysteriously through a veil of colored glass painted by photorealist Chuck Close. The painting seems to filter Simon’s image through a prism, a perfect metaphor for the unique timbres on