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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Poldark PBS PR

“Poldark” Brings High-Class Drama Back to PBS

For fans of British drama (and good TV), there’s no denying that Sundays just haven’t been the same since Downton Abbey aired its final episode in March. But one word has me looking forward to Sundays again – Poldark. This PBS Masterpiece series returns tonight

Shaq Public Domain Image

Who’s Your Lyft Driver? Surprise! It’s Shaq

One of the most watched ads on YouTube earlier this year featured the irrepressible Shaquille O’Neal disguised as a pranking Lyft driver in Atlanta. Barely concealing his massive 7-foot frame are various preposterously comic getups – ZZ-Top beards, rasta dreads and fanciful eyewear. Shaq the

Beethoven Bust in Public Domain

Beethoven in the House! Proof You Already Like Classical Music…

Elvis isn’t the only pop star to rework Ludwig van Beethoven for his own purposes. So did Nas (“I Can”), Busta Rhymes (“Back on My B.S.”) and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Still, classical music’s elitist stigma remains. That’s understandable: Along with high ticket-prices and unstated dress

Stephen Colbert in Suit PD

How Stephen Colbert Became Gen X’s Late-Night Spokesperson

Certain pleasures fall under the purview of what I’ve long called “adult fun.” Neither explicitly X-rated nor necessitating a minimum age (usually), adult fun is the sort of enjoyment one earns through a little wisdom, a little life experience and the belief that the most

Where Did All These Online Personality Tests Start? Well, BrainFall for One…

BrainFall‘s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Paul Skowronski knew he and his cohorts had a hit on their hands when the site’s “How Texas Are You?” quiz basically took over Texas in 2014. (One particular day, the site received over 11 million visits!) Consequently, the