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Monthly Archives: January 2017

korean grindhouse

There’s More to Korean Films Than “The Handmaiden”

Given the ongoing international acclaim, art-house successes, and even multiplex screenings of The Handmaiden, Train to Busan, and Snowpiercer, a passion for Korean movies doesn’t seem as unusual as it surely did 10 years ago. But CultureSonar’s Drew Pisarra has been writing about Korean movies

spirit band

The Spirit of Rock Lives On

Last summer, a LA jury determined that a copyright lawsuit failed to prove that Led Zeppelin lifted “Stairway to Heaven“‘s intro from Spirit‘s “Taurus” (1968). While the ruling put that matter to rest (at least from a legal standpoint), the trial also shone a light

sgt pepper

Toilet Paper, an Echo Chamber, a Giant Harmonica and Other “Sgt. Pepper” Quirks

In August, 1966, the Beatles played their final concert (at Candlestick Park near San Francisco). They had decided to stop touring – and no one knew how to be a band without playing gigs. After that last show, George Harrison said, “Well, I guess I’m

bowie tribute album

It Gets Better With Bowie

The It Gets Better Project — founded by journalist-activist Dan Savage in 2010 — strives to create a better, kinder world in which we’re all free to be who we are in our own true way. Spreading this message specifically to lesbian, gay, bisexual and

ram paul mccartney

Paul McCartney’s “Ram” Reconsidered

In early 1971, with The Beatles involved in some bitter legal disputes with each other and with their own management, Paul McCartney recorded Ram with his wife Linda and three hired guns, guitarists David Spinozza and Hugh McCracken, and drummer Denny Seiwell. The album was