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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Pole Position

The Race Is On: The Most Historic Video Games with Race Cars

The racing genre of video games has been incredibly popular since Atari’s glory days in the ’80s. And while there was nothing back then to rival the open world of Forza Horizon or the intricate simulators of Gran Turismo today, the old school games were nevertheless visually rich experiences

Billy Preston

Just Say Yes to Billy Preston

The late Billy Preston was a profoundly gifted musician, revered by his fellow musicians but still deserving of a wider fan-base today. He sang with Ray Charles and Nat “King” Cole as a young boy, was a prized session musician for The Rolling Stones, Sam

How Pop Was Born In West Africa

(Everything I am about to tell you is boiled down. Exceptions abound, I can’t tell the whole story in a few hundred words, and music is so big and complex that it wouldn’t be hard to find another angle on this. But I want to

Judy Garland Somewhere Over the Rainbow

And the Award for Best Oscar-Winning Song Goes to…

Since the seventh Academy Awards back in 1934, Hollywood elites have been giving out gold-plated, mostly-bronze statuettes for the Best Original Song. This year, the doubly-nominated La La Land may be favored to win, but an upset by Justin Timberlake, Sting, or Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda

Superior Donuts

“Superior Donuts” – Can the Multi-Camera Sitcom Survive?

Is the multi camera sitcom dead or not? I wondered this as I watched Judd Hirsch‘s new show, Superior Donuts. The show is a throwback in more ways than one. Aside from the laugh track and the old-fashioned rhythm to the jokes, which Rotten Tomatoes