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Monthly Archives: May 2017


A Short History of Traffic – Reunions (Part 2)

Steve Winwood and company put out some definitive albums while weathering the ups and downs of rock ‘n’ roll.

jack the ripper

One of the Strangest Muses in Pop History

A notorious serial killer makes appearances in songs by everyone from Link Wray to Volbeat.

long island musicians

The Songsmiths of NYC’s Sixth Borough

Roger Street Friedman, Emily Duff, and Sport Murphy are all the real deal.

I'm not there

“I’m Not There”: The Many, Mysterious Sides of Bob Dylan

A look back at Todd Haynes’ experimental biopic in which six actors portray the music legend.

rubber soul

“Rubber Soul” Is for Lovers

Author John Kruth talks about one Beatles masterpiece and his changing Fab Four allegiances.