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Monthly Archives: July 2017

jason isbell and sturgill simpson

Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson Reignite Americana and Throwback Country

These singer-songwriters are mixing genres, telling great stories, and winning Grammys to boot.

surf films

Five Films: Surf Films Are in Season

We take our cinematic surf seriously whether we’re discussing “Riding Giants” or “Gidget.”

beatles supremes guitar

1968: The Year The Supremes Out-Guitared The Beatles

If you compare “Hey Jude” and “Love Child,” The Supremes’ number comes out ahead in at least one regard.


A Bit About Power Pop’s Past and Future

Pugwash further enriches a music genre with an already-rich history.


“Playboy”: A Compendium of Comedy, Cartoons & Conscience

A new book explores how comedians like Lenny Bruce, Phyllis Diller, and Joan Rivers were nurtured in Playboy clubs.