Author: Bill Flanigin

Bill Flanigin is a freelance writer who enjoys classic rock and crappy beer. Once a middle school English teacher, he left the profession after reading one too many essays on family trips to Disney. His kids are grown so he's able to do lots of stuff now. Follow him on Twitter at @billyflan.

Redbeard Reflects on the End of an Era in Rock Radio

For 30+ years, radio personality Redbeard has gotten many rock legends to open up. As his popular show “In the Studio” wraps up at the end of 2018, he shares his thoughts on the current state of classic rock in this CultureSonar interview.

zz top vegas

Vegas with ZZ Top: A Tale of Two Brothers

A last-minute invite to Vegas, an “all-access” backstage pass, a new nickname and some quality time with the band that defined his teen years. Oh, and a lucky casino chip. Here’s what can really happen when you meet your rock idols.