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A Taste of Supper Clubs

Charm. Nostalgia. Brandy old fashioned’s. Wait…what? Check out this quirky little documentary called Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club. I grew up in the Midwest, in Ohio. I don’t remember supper clubs like these, but we had small, family restaurants that looked

How to Find the Right Movie

“Movies worth watching.” Now that’s a tagline I can get behind. A new streaming service (yes, I know, there are tons of them now) is coming to us from the good folks who created the Tribeca Film Festival. Called Tribeca Shortlist, it provides recommendations from

Sustainable Brightness in Mid-Winter

Locally grown. Limited waste. Bright and gorgeous.  Farmgirl Flowers makes giving flowers cooler than ever.

An Unheralded Great Place

As we sit here at the cusp of winter, and escape creeps into our collective minds, I have 3 words for you: San Antonio, Texas. You heard me. This big small town is a Texas gem.  It’s got its own thing going on — more down-home

Indie Music. Indie Film. Indie Food?

With gift-giving season now officially upon us, we all want to avoid adding another “thing” to people’s lives just because it’s the thing to do. is a wonderful option. They curate all sorts of food, snacks, condiments and booze. All are from small-batch, labor-of-love producers.