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brent cash

The Third Time’s a Charm for Singer-Songwriter Brent Cash

If there’s a male version of Carole King, this talented guy from Athens, Georgia might be it.


The History of Recorded Music in Just 8 Episodes

Even before MTV, rock and roll frequently existed in a visual space along with the sonic one. One of the most obvious expressions of this affinity has been the numerous attempts to encapsulate the cultural significance of rock music for television and film. Though not

carrie fisher

Fisher Priceless – Carrie Fisher Remembered

German Director Wim Wenders once wrote quite eloquently about the ability of film to rescue the existence of things. Though Wenders was no fan of Star Wars, this notion now comes to mind in relation to one of that movie’s stars, Carrie Fisher. Barely a

christmas music playlist

A Holiday Playlist Adventure

The only truism about Christmas music is that even the most beloved song can wear thin if it becomes too ubiquitous. As a public service, CultureSonar is happy to offer a selection of seasonal songs to liven up your playlist. Many are by familiar artists,

leonard cohen

Leonard Cohen: Incurable Love and Stranger Songs

Where 1959 had “the day the music died,” 2016 is shaping up as the year the music died. Since David Bowie’s death early in January, fans and friends have eulogized Glenn Frey, George Martin, Merle Haggard and Prince to name just a very few. Last