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Beatles covers

10 Beatles Covers You Really Need to Hear

While we admit nothing can compare to the originals, these interpretations of “Fixing a Hole,” “I’m Looking Through You” and “In My Life” are worth a listen.

Valentine's Day tunes new romantics

Six Valentine’s Day Tunes from the New Romantics

At the dawn of the ‘80s a movement emerged in England as a backlash against punk’s grim, grayscale vision and year-zero no-future philosophy. Bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Visage, and a host of others chose hedonism over nihilism, glamour over grime, and a frothy,

tv guidance counselor podcast

TV Guidance Counselor: Tube Titan Ken Reid Reviews Bygone Era

Ken Reid takes TV very seriously. The Boston-based standup comic figured out a way to turn his lifelong television obsession (and complete collection of TV Guide from 1965 to 2000) into a podcast that amounts to a public service. Every week Reid shares his weapons-grade

2017 album releases

10 Albums to Look Out For in 2017

In music, the only thing as important as knowing what’s happened is knowing what’s just about to happen. But there’s no prognostication involved in staying a step ahead when it comes to the new year’s schedule of album releases. All you have to do is

more spirit of the 60s albums

5 More New Albums That Keep the ‘60s Spirit Alive

Not long ago we shared a short tally of 2016 albums by artists bringing a ‘60s influence to the fore. But what we neglected to mention at the time was that we were just getting started. Looking back at last year from this year, we