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reissues archival albums 2016

Now Listen Here! You Need to Know About These 6 Reissues and Archival Albums

Amid the overwhelming rush of compelling albums that came out in 2016, it’s entirely conceivable that you might have overlooked some of the year’s new releases that weren’t technically new. If you ever needed a reminder that the past is still a potent source of

The Top 13 Albums of 2016

  If you were making a musical time capsule for the year 2016, you’d want to be comprehensive, right? And that might involve breaking some rules (like keeping your list narrowed down to 10). So be it. And so we present our picks for the

indie film soundtracks

6 Great Indie Film Soundtracks You May Have Never Heard

Great as they were from a strictly cinematic standpoint, can you imagine Juno without the Kimya Dawson/Moldy Peaches songs, or Ghost World minus that searing, spooky Skip James track? Pick one of the indie films closest to your heart and it’s exceedingly likely that the

spirit of the 60s albums

5 New Albums That Keep the Spirit of the ‘60s Alive

The early days of first-generation folk-rock, psychedelia, and vintage soul have receded rapidly in the rear-view mirror of time. But there are still plenty of artists out there making new music that incorporates the ethos of the era, a time when people opened their minds

power pop

Let’s Make This Loud and Clear: Power Pop’s Alive and Well

Those who haven’t been paying close attention could be forgiven for assuming that the combination of earworm hooks, classic pop-song structure, and rock ‘n’ roll frisson that defines power pop went the way of the woolly mammoth. Fortunately, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the