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bill murray and paul shaffer

A “Happy” Reunion for Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer

Two SNL alums circa 1979 are back together for a new animated music video (packed with Easter eggs).


Hehehe Meets Yeahyeahyeah: 5 Music-Themed “Portlandia” Episodes

IFC’s “Portlandia” knows how to make satire rock with singer Aimee Mann, MTV’s Kurt Loder, and a musician named “Sparkle Pony.”

free android apps

5 Free Android Apps You Might Not Know You Needed

iPhone apps get all the attention but what about us Android loyalists? What should we be looking at? With the new operating system Nougat and several new handsets on the market (including the recently released Google Pixel), now is the perfect time to upgrade your

gadget stocking stuffers

On the Tech Day of Xmas, My True Love Gave to Me…

Take a look at your digital calendar. That’s right. You’ve got less than one week to find just the right gadget to gift to the technophile in your life. In fact, you’ve got less than five days. What are you going to buy? A new

modern yoga

6 Modern Twists on Yoga

At this point, if you haven’t started already, you may have grown weary of everyone telling you to take yoga. Your friends, your family members, your favorite athletes, even your celebrity crushes have been applying peer pressure to take up one modern twist or other