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1968: The Year The Supremes Out-Guitared The Beatles

If you compare “Hey Jude” and “Love Child,” The Supremes’ number comes out ahead in at least one regard.

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The Great Guitar Drought of 1960-1963

Last year, I listened to and rated all the Billboard #1 hit songs from the 50s based on their use of the guitar, because — well, because. I scored each song from 1 to 10 on four possible guitar elements: riffage, rhythm, fills and solo.

When Their Moment Came, They Were Ready

The Bee Gees owned the universe in 1978. Their songs–both written and performed–dominated the soundtrack for the film Saturday Night Fever, which itself dominated pop culture. How did it happen? Were the Brothers Gibb (Barry, Robin and Maurice) lucky, good, or both? Let’s look at

Still Blazin’ 60(ish) Years Later

When I read Ken Hymes’ post on pop music of the 1950s, I kept nodding my head and exclaiming ‘YES!’ Though we’ve never met, Ken and I have been working along parallel lines. I recently completed my own analysis of hit songs from the 1950s, only