Author: Michael Sarno

Michael Sarno has a bachelors degree in history so you know he takes the history of music seriously. An avid student of 20th century rock, he spends his time writing/researching underappreciated stories and resurfacing unforgettable anecdotes. Michael currently resides in Boston and can be followed at @vanzkantdanz on Instagram.
Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe’s Longevity Is Due to Old Magic

Nick Lowe has gone from being an angry, pub-crawling rocker to a pop music icon comfortable in his own (older) skin. How did he transition from those edgy ’70s and ’80s songs to his current jazzy ballads? What’s fostered this Indian summer in his career?

Jon Batiste

Staying Human With Jon Batiste

When he’s not leading the band on Stephen Colbert’s show, this jazz prodigy is bringing diverse audiences together through his music. And that idea is welcome in these tense times.

Harpa in Reykjavik (Courtesy of Pixabay)

A Music Lover’s Guide to Reykjavik

Iceland has given us artists like Björk, Of Monsters and Men, and Sigur Rós. Reykjavik is the heart of the island’s rich cultural scene. From a contemporary concert hall to tiny clubs, and even a youth hostel, you’ll find some of the coolest new music being performed.


Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”: A Decade Later

Coldplay tapped Brian Eno to help them channel the changing “alt-rock” landscape. “Viva La Vida” combined ambient sound with fervid hooks, and resulted in one of the biggest albums of the ‘00s. And turned Coldplay into one of the biggest bands of the era.