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Jimi Hendrix and “A Day In The Life” – Part Deux

Thanks to everyone who posted comments on our video about Jimi Hendrix’s possible influence on The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life.” I have gotten lots of questions, so I thought I would post some answers to the most common ones. Q: I thought Jimi Hendrix didn’t write

How Jimi Hendrix (May Have) Influenced The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life”

Editor’s Note: We’ve gotten LOTS of feedback about this video — and Scott’s conjecture about Jimi’s possible influence on Sgt Pepper — so Scott just posted a follow up where he responds to the most frequent questions and comments.  Anyway, here’s the original article. We hope

beatlesque bands

15 Bands Following In The Beatles’ Footsteps

The Next Beatles. It’s a phrase that has gotten tossed around a lot since the breakup of the world’s most famous band. For those bestowed with this accolade, it was a considerable compliment. Sometimes, it was also a curse. After all, who could possibly match

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Your 10 Favorite Concept Albums

There’s been a huge response to our post on 31 Concept Albums You May Have Missed. Many of you wrote in to suggest concept albums that we may have missed. So, if you haven’t had your fill of concept albums yet, here are the top

The Surprising Chord That Helped Make “Penny Lane” a Masterpiece

In February of 1967, The Beatles released a groundbreaking double A-side single. On one side was a Lennon song, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” that had been transformed in the studio thanks to the contributions of the other Beatles along with producer George Martin and engineer Geoff