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10 Things You Didn’t Know About “I Am The Walrus”

“Alice in Wonderland,” “King Lear,” and the death of a close one all contributed to this trippy classic.

The Beatles 1967 photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Complex Simplicity of “Lucy in the Sky”

It may have a childlike spirit, but “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” reveals a fully mature songwriter at the peak of his powers. Here’s an appreciation of that groundbreaking track.

rubber soul

From Zero-to-Masterpiece in 30 Days

“Rubber Soul” was a race against the clock, as The Beatles had only 30 days to write, record and mix an album — from scratch! That the result was a masterpiece makes the story even more remarkable. The latest film in the “Deconstructing The Beatles” series tells the tale.

ps i love you

The Surprising, Lasting Influence of “P.S. I Love You”

The Beatles had “big ears” that were open to influences from all sorts of music — and it showed on their very first single. They were the first in Rock n’ Roll (we think) to use chord changes that later appeared everywhere.

beatles liverpool stories

50th Anniversary Release of “Sgt. Pepper” Will Include Unreleased Album “Liverpool Stories”

Beatles enthusiasts rejoice! Early versions of “Sgt. Pepper” songs and new Fab Four tracks have been discovered…