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Yoko Ono and John Lennon 1980 Courtesy of Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Everything Fab Four: Paul Goresh and the Last Days of John Lennon

This guy got some of the last shots of John Lennon – and forged a bit of a friendship with the former Beatle before that.

Author Monica Drake Courtesy of the Author

Author Monica Drake on Clowns, the I Ching, and Noir

With a series of satires set in Portland, she’s re-writing the rules (literally) on what’s funny.

Great Rock Memoirs (Fan Favorites)

Gregg Allman, Carly Simon and Rod Stewart are just a few rock stars who’ve written amazing books, as well as amazing songs.

It’s 2018, and All Roads Still Lead to Louis Armstrong

It’s not just jazz – Armstrong’s influence extends to rock, punk, funk, and pretty much everything else.

Steely Dan 2007 Courtesy of Getty Images

Looking for the Ultimate Steely Dan Expert? We Found Him!

We all know folks who are really, really devoted to their favorite bands. Writer-rocker Anthony Robustelli takes it to another level with Steely Dan — and we’re all a little better off for it.