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Fate and Its Furies

In Greek mythology, the Furies were female goddesses of vengeance. The three Fates controlled the thread of a person’s life from birth to death. Classical Greeks knew all too well how slender – and vulnerable – that thread could be and how quickly life’s certainties

Your Summer Music Reading List

Summer is the time for outdoor concerts and heavy touring by various music acts. But if, like me, you’re not up for the sweaty crowds, beer spilled in your hair and impossible parking situations, connect with your rock roots through a bunch of fantastic reads.

Who Will Be the Face of Rock — in 300 Years?

Quick: name a composer of classic marching band music. Chances are you said, “No problem. John Philip Sousa.” Now name another… Not so easy. In the 19th century, marches were hugely popular. Hundreds, if not thousands, of writers composed them; and Sousa was the most

One Less Cooke in the Kitchen

The phrase “graphic novel” has certainly evolved over the years, albeit not entirely for the best. Once applied mainly to stories in comic strip form that went beyond the bounds of what was typically seen in a monthly comic book or daily newspaper strip, it’s


Andy Partridge Looks Back at XTC

XTC was one of the great post-punk bands of the 80s. They created cleverly-written, tightly-played tunes that made you want to dance to subjects as dark as war (“Generals and Majors”) and abortion (“Respectable Street”). Andy Partridge’s clear, stinging vocals zeroed in on harsher aspects