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C-3PO Goes Solo

A long time ago, in a pop culture galaxy far, far away, new Star Wars stories were a relatively rare thing. Aside from a few original novels and the excellent radio adaptations*, from 1977 through the mid-80s the further adventures of Luke Skywalker and his

Prince Is About to Open Up — Sort Of

He’s the ferocious young artist sporting a mash-up of a James Brown/Little Richard bob on the cover of his self-titled 1979 album. The Jheri-curled, velvet- wearing “Kid” of Purple Rain. The guy who changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, and is rumored to have

A Glimpse Into the Future of Music

The March 13 issue of The New York Times Magazine is in spectacular form with an entire installment devoted to 25 songs that – their title – tell us where music is going. It’s a mix of tunes that’s as eclectic as it is encyclopedic,

Beyond Superheroes: The Manhattan Projects

While characters like Superman and Captain America, who got their start in comics, are as popular as ever, the comic book business itself currently faces some challenges. Where the adventures of The Justice League and other top comics from DC and Marvel used to sell hundreds

Great Houses and Not-So-Great Families Revisited

The slow dissolution of England’s Great Families has been a subject of as much fascination in the US as in the UK for quite a while. While the means by which the great British fortunes were made are the province of historians (Imperial power, the