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Would You Give This Guy a Ride?

In the annals of “long, strange trips” John Waters’ cross-country hitchhike ranks high.

Being Amazed Never Gets Old

I just finished reading, ‘The Wright Brothers’ by David McCullough. It is a terrific way to rekindle the awe that we should feel about being Americans. Every country throws off both good and bad, for however long history allows it to last, but some glow

Back From the Dead and Onto Bookshelves Everywhere

There are books you fly through. There are books you put down and never pick up again. And then there are books, like Peace Like a River, that you savor. You promise yourself you’ll just read one chapter because you want it to last longer.

The Future of Libraries? Probably Not What You Think

Like many people, I have fond childhood memories of my public library. I borrowed science fiction books and passed many summer afternoons. Libraries remained important throughout my education. They combined the solitude needed to study with on-demand socializing (especially when studying with friends), and access

A Time of REALLY Big Projects

When I drive on the Long Island Expressway – often referred to as the world’s longest parking lot – I imagine commuter rail lines running down the median, an extension of the New York City subway system. When I drive on the West Side Highway,