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beatles books

Since You’ve Already Heard The Beatles, Read Them

Former wives and Fab Four scholars reveal what made John, Paul, George and Ringo tick.

Keith Richards

All the Rock That’s Fit to Print

Books about our rock heroes, written by those heroes, always have a special kick because we get to hear about their highs and lows from the most personal insider perspective possible. The best of the best lay bare their lives, struggles, and creative processes —

british invasion

The British Invasion Is An American Story

Dave Mason discusses The British Invasion, its American roots and his role in it.

pastry chef Pichet Ong

Pastry Chef Pichet Ong Is Sweet on Duke Ellington and João Gilberto

If Pichet Ong’s face looks familiar that’s because you’ve probably seen him on Martha Stewart Live, and Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef America, and Top Chef: Just Desserts. This guy definitely makes the rounds. He’s also a two-time nominee for the Outstanding Pastry Chef award from

anatomy of a song marc myers

45 Songs that Changed Music

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to tap into a great playlist of Baby Boomer music to see what made these particular songs icons, look no further than Marc Myers’ Anatomy of a Song:  The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock, R&B and