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The Long Road Keeps Winding

With billions of words already written about the Beatles, is there really anything new to say?  Well, yes, as it turns out. Scott Freiman – composer, tech entrepreneur and total music geek – has more-or-less stumbled onto something that people around the world totally love.

Howling at the Moon – and a Lot More

Even hardened Deadheads may by now have made peace with the fact that the Grateful Dead’s glory days are behind them. Some peg the band’s senescence to the 1995 death of magister and lead guitarist Jerry Garcia. Some point to short-lived efforts to continue The

Warriors Wanted

Almost unobserved in America – even among those deeply interested in sport – the current Rugby World Cup has showcased 46 matches involving twenty nations over the past four weeks. As in any other global tournament, there have been ludicrously unbalanced results (e.g. Argentina’s 54-9