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Ken Womack and Scott Freiman

Video: 10 Beatlesque Bands

Beatles experts Scott Freiman (“Deconstructing the Beatles”) and Ken Womack (“The Beatles Encyclopedia”) propose ten bands each that they believe qualify as Beatlesque.

Beatles on Ed Sullivan

Everything Fab Four: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beatles!”

A newly-remastered DVD set showcases the four electrifying performances on Ed Sullivan that catapulted the Beatles into legend. And there’s fun bonus footage (vintage commercials!) that puts their groundbreaking appearances into the context of the time.

Josh Turner in "Wine & Vinyl"

Wine & Vinyl: All Episodes

Wonder what beverage pairs best with a particular album? Well, musician Josh Turner has a wine palette as fine as his musical chops — as you will see in the CultureSonar web series “Wine & Vinyl.”

Punk movies

10 Movies That Are Punk AF

Punk flicks like “Suburbia,” “Smithereens” and “Repo Man” aren’t simply fantastic movies. They also have killer soundtracks.