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She Wants Revenge – And Don’t We All?

I love American Horror Story. Despite the series’ many weird tics and questionable plot lines (“Asylum” had so much promise. Which went right down the ol’ swirler…), there are a few elements that never disappoint, like the opening credits, the wonderful weirdness, Angela Basset –

Big Thing, Small Package and All That

Over the past decade or so, NPR has managed to shed much of its earnest, dowdy image, thanks in large part to its adventures in music.   (This is something its cousin on the TV side, PBS, has not managed to do.) Shows like KCRW’s

An Icelandic Film About Two Elderly Brothers and Their Beloved Sheep? Yes, Please!

At this year’s 2015 Hamptons International Film Festival I discovered RAMS, a movie about two feuding brothers who share property in a remote Icelandic valley and a deep love of the sheep they’ve dedicated their lives and land to. A must-see, right? Well, actually…..RIGHT! When

Warriors Wanted

Almost unobserved in America – even among those deeply interested in sport – the current Rugby World Cup has showcased 46 matches involving twenty nations over the past four weeks. As in any other global tournament, there have been ludicrously unbalanced results (e.g. Argentina’s 54-9

A Brilliant Dancer’s Next Steps

Marcelo Gomes is one of today’s most brilliant ballet dancers. Take it from one who has seen him multiple times at American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in New York (and gushed, up close, when I spotted him sitting behind me at an unrelated performance. Really, it