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Do You Have To Be An Asshole To Succeed?

It’s an old argument.   Baseball fans will see Leo Durocher (“Nice guys finish last”) on one side and Yoga Berra (“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too”) on the other. Putting aside the question which of them

Ballet Meets “Breaking Bad”

I don’t know what it is. I. Just. Don’t. The behind-the-scenes world of ballet is so rich with possibility: the physical discipline, the process of moving up through the ranks, the glorious performances and anxiety-ridden backstage scenes, the prospect of retiring. There’s plenty to work

Whisky With a Twist — Is This Really an Ad Or a Fine Short Film?

From time to time (that means, don’t hold us to a schedule), we’ll share some of the best new advertising gracing airwaves and cinemas here in the US and elsewhere. The best spots are film-making at the top of its game with great characters, narratives,

Ripples from the “Hamilton” Wave

It’s the hottest ticket on Broadway, and the “Hamilton” effect is spreading across New York City. Tourists are visiting Trinity Church — where Alexander Hamilton and his wife are buried — and his home in Harlem. Donations are also spiking to Graham Windham, the orphanage founded by

When “Droning On” Is a Really Good Thing

While we’re all debating the role of drones in other walks of life, they’re transforming the visual arts by breaking the ‘third wall’ of two-dimensional film-making and creating stunning images unconstrained by stationary camera positions. This lovely and moody piece won Best of Show for