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Music for Your Summer Road Trips

Last week, we talked about podcasts that can keep you company on long summer road trips. On this week’s radio segment, we turn our attention to music. You can listen here, or read on…. You already know where to find the big hits. If it’s

Pure Paul Pleasure

The most surprising thing about Pure McCartney is how long it took – relative to artists of comparable stature – for a box set retrospective of Paul McCartney‘s full career (so far) to be released. 2001’s Wingspan was a terrific collection of McCartney’s post-Beatles work,

Carlene Carter Brings It Back Home

She’s heir to one of the great music lineages in America – but she’s taken some serious detours, only to wind up back where she started. Carlene Carter was born into a musical dynasty, namely, the Carter Family. Beginning in 1927, the Carters (A.P., Maybelle

The (Invisible) New York Session Players

In recent years, there has been a spate of documentaries about session musician groups who played on hits from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. LA’s Wrecking Crew. The Funk Brothers of Motown. Booker T & The MG’s for Stax Records in Memphis. The Nashville A-Team.

Sometimes It Really Is Better to Fade Away

The fade-out has become a frequent device for ending a pop song. But where did this practice originate? In fact, fade-outs predate recorded music. And the story of the recorded fade is interesting in itself. Classical period symphonic music typically loved a big ending –