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music stars lost 2016

Pop Music 2016: In Memoriam

2016 was a tough year, not least of all because we lost so many amazing musicians. Classic Rock (Keith Emerson), Country (Merle Haggard), Folk (The Weavers‘ Fred Hellerman), Jazz (Bobby Hutcherson), Rap (Phife Dawg), R&B (Mack Rice) New Wave (Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns), even

George Michael

Father Figure: Faith in George Michael’s Sound

George Michael died on December 25, 2016, at his home in England. Writer Eric Diesel recalls the pop singer’s effect on both his music collection and his life. When George Michael’s Symphonica dropped just a couple of years ago, it felt like a rebirth of

reissues archival albums 2016

Now Listen Here! You Need to Know About These 6 Reissues and Archival Albums

Amid the overwhelming rush of compelling albums that came out in 2016, it’s entirely conceivable that you might have overlooked some of the year’s new releases that weren’t technically new. If you ever needed a reminder that the past is still a potent source of

leon russell

Leon Russell’s “Of Thee I Sing”: A ’70s-Era Song for Today

With the passing of Leon Russell, we lost a soulful, kick-ass virtuoso whose broadband versatility in gospel-infused southern boogie piano rock, blues and country is unsurpassed. Aside from his astounding resume as a hit-making studio musician, hippie commune band leader and singer, the Russell songbook

queens hot space

An Unjustly Forgotten Queen Album

Doing a 180 degrees artistic turn is never easy for a band. Embracing a new style always comes with the risk of alienating a part of the old fan base, even a big part if the departure is an abrupt one. Something like that happened