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The Golden Age that Almost Wasn’t…

One of the most striking things about the evolution of broadcasting is that the greatest changes are often less about production styles or program content than they are about how the audience at large views the medium itself. There may be no greater evolution than

If You Like Motown and Stax…

The term “soul music” was probably first used in print around 1961, but of course its roots go back much further, and its expression in the pop world reaches back at least into the mid 50s, depending on what you count. Sam Cooke, for example,

Is Music’s Future Its Past?

As much as the complaint “why does music suck today compared to _________ (name your own adolescent-era here)?” may seem like just another case of old-fogeyism, there are a few concrete factors as to why this lament may bear a bit more truth now than

pop music and the future

Pop Music’s Crystal Ball

Our music tells us, though not always clearly, what’s ahead. It always has. What is today’s music saying about tomorrow?