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We Are All Together: George Martin and “I Am the Walrus”

Much has been written about George Martin, producer and some would say virtual member of The Beatles. I would like to focus on one song, and the way it exemplifies Martin’s unique ability to commingle classical techniques and pop arranging values. “I Am the Walrus”

10 Hours that Changed EVERYTHING

It was a slow song, in the style of a plaintive Roy Orbison ballad. The band started to record it; but the producer wasn’t feeling it. He advised the band to pick up the tempo, and to add a hooky instrumental bit at the beginning.

He’s Still Blinding Us With (Musical) Science

In 1982, Thomas Dolby was an MTV staple with his hit, “She Blinded Me With Science” (science!). The theme is an apt description of his interests then, and now. Born Thomas Robertson, he got the “Dolby” nickname because of his geeking out over keyboards and

“Stop and Pull Over” Songs – Part Deux

Our recent post on “Songs that Make You Pull Over and STOP What You’re Doing” is inspiring a lot of conversation and recollections. How wonderful! We’ve created a Spotify playlist to track the songs. Here are some of the stories you’ve shared: It was 1973.

First Concert Memories

A friend recently had a chance to see Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden, and after talking about the experience, it got me itching to go see The Piano Man perform live once again. Billy Joel holds a special place in my heart.