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Nathaniel Rateliff Courtesy of Getty Images

The New Retro

It is true that the classics never get old; but they also get recycled, reinterpreted, updated and enlivened. Over the past few years, lots of new musicians and bands have been blending vintage flavors into satisfying new concoctions. The Black Keys and Alabama Shakes have

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Car Music for All Ages

It took about 1 month of being a new mother before I learned my first big lesson in parenting: it’s not about you. When my new baby wanted to eat, that had to happen, and then I could eat. When he didn’t want to sleep,

Classical Music Gets Crazy

I’m thinking that Beethoven is probably rolling over these days – but in a good way. Because classical music is getting a facelift, thanks to two particular duos. You may have heard about 2Cellos. Luka Šulić was born in Slovenia, Stjepan Hauser in Croatia. They

It Only Took 12 Years: A Worthy Band on the Rise

The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back is one of the irresistibly great pop tunes of the Motown era. It’s got everything: monster hooks, insane musicianship, young Michael’s soaring vocal, tight-and-clever lyrics. (The question of who actually played the sublime bass line – the immortal

country music

Don’t Like Country Music? Think Again…

Yeah, yeah, okay. You keep hearing that country music has some of the smartest songwriters and best musicians around. And yet you turn on country radio and it all sounds like the same guitar licks and the same lyrics about pickups and girls in short