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Iggy Pop: A Real Wild Child Returns

He invented the stage dive. He rolled around – bare-chested – on broken glass. He routinely ended his shows bloodied and bruised. This, ladies and gentleman, is how Iggy Pop rolls. And now the godfather of punk is back, with a surprising collaboration. Iggy is

The Men in Blazers: Soccer With a Twist

They tape their show in a space the size of a broom closet and use hand-drawn posters as graphics. They have strange obsessions with tweed, pies, gingers, balds, man buns, nipples, silly hashtags, and all sorts of cultural phenomena. But most of all, the Men

Young Brad Pitt & Levi’s: A Tight (Advertising) Fit

At its best, advertising does three things well: grab your attention, imprint brand values and reward the viewer for the brief time spent with the brand. London agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, widely viewed as the best global creative agency, excels at all three. And nowhere

Bowie: The Karaoke King

As people continue to mourn the loss of David Bowie, something has just emerged that shows a side of him that most of us didn’t know: dude did KILLER impressions. In 1985, Bowie was recording the soundtrack to “Absolute Beginners” at a London studio. Just

Poetry, Astrophysics and Stephen Hawking

It takes special genius to contemplate the intimate relationship of poetry and astrophysics. Poet Sarah Howe, a Fellow at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute is such a genius and her poem Relativity (below) subtly probes human experience by locating us in the nearly incomprehensible, ever-expanding universe (“a