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Warriors Wanted

Almost unobserved in America – even among those deeply interested in sport – the current Rugby World Cup has showcased 46 matches involving twenty nations over the past four weeks. As in any other global tournament, there have been ludicrously unbalanced results (e.g. Argentina’s 54-9

A Brilliant Dancer’s Next Steps

Marcelo Gomes is one of today’s most brilliant ballet dancers. Take it from one who has seen him multiple times at American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in New York (and gushed, up close, when I spotted him sitting behind me at an unrelated performance. Really, it

A Time of REALLY Big Projects

When I drive on the Long Island Expressway – often referred to as the world’s longest parking lot – I imagine commuter rail lines running down the median, an extension of the New York City subway system. When I drive on the West Side Highway,

The Doofus Hero: The Classics Never Get Old

The reluctant warrior is one of the great archetypes of history and literature. From the real Roman consul Cincinnatus, who left his farm to save the empire, to Luke Skywalker, who dealt with Empires of his own, the Hero’s Journey is baked into our collective

So What Is “Culture,” Anyway?

Ronda Rousey just taught me a lesson. Fortunately, it had nothing to do with fighting, though I’m sure the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion would utterly kick my ass. The lesson comes via a close pal, who (politely) scolded me for taking such a narrow-minded view