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Is Music’s Future Its Past?

As much as the complaint “why does music suck today compared to _________ (name your own adolescent-era here)?” may seem like just another case of old-fogeyism, there are a few concrete factors as to why this lament may bear a bit more truth now than

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Comic Relief in Three Different Flavors

Spend a few minutes with the news these days, and the need for comic relief becomes pretty obvious. Fortunately, there are lots of good options to get you chuckling – whenever you need it. You can read on, or hear it all on our weekly

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Rodney Dangerfield Finally Gets Some Respect

Rodney Dangerfield’s wife Joan has carried a virtual torch for her husband since the great comic died in 2004. A creative force herself, she’s in the midst of launching a revolutionary immersive entertainment experience, called RockDome, set to break ground in Las Vegas later this

Why “The Get Down” Will Be Your Next Netflix Binge

If you’ve already torn through Netflix’s excellent ode to the ‘80s Stranger Things, you don’t have long to wait for its next binge-worthy historical drama. Arriving from director Baz Luhrmann on August 12, The Get Down rewinds to New York City in the ‘70s. Like

On Having a #Hamilcrush at 40

Only one other person knows about my raging obsession with the musical Hamilton, and the sad part is, it’s not actually a person. It’s YouTube. Like a friend who knows me too well, YouTube decided months ago to begin pre-emptively front-loading its home page for