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Passing the Torch

Sometimes mentor relationships in music are well known. Sometimes they are invisible. Sometimes the mentor is an obscure figure, and the student becomes a major figure. Sometimes the mentor is widely known, and the student plays a lesser role in the public story of a

Ailey: More Robust Than Ever

How can I explain the visual expression of dance; that which cannot be measured in words? When it becomes like a resounding soliloquy which moves the audience to get up and applaud for its acute poetic take on a subject, or a painting that says

music summer road trips

Music for Your Summer Road Trips

Last week, we talked about podcasts that can keep you company on long summer road trips. On this week’s radio segment, we turn our attention to music. You can listen here, or read on…. You already know where to find the big hits. If it’s

A Ballerina’s Big Gamble

Alessandra Ferri is one of the great ballerinas of our time. At 21, Baryshnikov plucked her from the Royal Ballet in London and made her a principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre in New York. She was an instant sensation, with her glorious feet and

Pure Paul Pleasure

The most surprising thing about Pure McCartney is how long it took – relative to artists of comparable stature – for a box set retrospective of Paul McCartney‘s full career (so far) to be released. 2001’s Wingspan was a terrific collection of McCartney’s post-Beatles work,