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Great Houses and Not-So-Great Families Revisited

The slow dissolution of England’s Great Families has been a subject of as much fascination in the US as in the UK for quite a while. While the means by which the great British fortunes were made are the province of historians (Imperial power, the

He Was a Drunk, Misogynist and Troublemaker. And Also a Fine Actor.

Quick! What actor had prominent roles in Oliver!, Women in Love, The Three Musketeers, Tommy and Gladiator? Defying stereotypes and comfortably at home in musicals from both Charles Dickens and Pete Townshend as well as novels by both D.H. Lawrence and Alexandre Dumas, Oliver Reed

When Dylan Plugged in and Changed Everything (Or Not)

In a new book, Dylan Goes Electric!, Elijah Wald challenges the conventional wisdom that when Bob Dylan famously “went electric” in the summer of 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival, a bastion of traditional folk music, he was booed by outraged folkies, and — in

Out of This World: The Martian Chronicles on Radio

It’s been over fifty years since radio drama ended as a mass entertainment in America. Despite periodic attempts at revival, the medium remains a curiosity in the current media landscape. Then again, even in the the last few years that CBS supported a handful of

Sundance’s Magnificent 7

I’ll be honest, as a proud cinephile with a love for both art house and mass-appeal films, Sundance has always stood out as the mecca of film festivals. Like The Masters for golf fans, Park City has always been my Augusta National, holding a perennial