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The Jam Courtesy of Getty Images

That’s My Jam!

If you put Motown, Stax, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Beatles and The Who in a blender, you’d very likely end up with The Jam.  Though they’ve been broken up for over 30 years, a new documentary, The Jam: About The Young Idea, makes a

Howling at the Moon – and a Lot More

Even hardened Deadheads may by now have made peace with the fact that the Grateful Dead’s glory days are behind them. Some peg the band’s senescence to the 1995 death of magister and lead guitarist Jerry Garcia. Some point to short-lived efforts to continue The

Out For a Laugh With the Girls

It has been a while since I could call myself a 20-something. I am more than ok with that, and I really appreciate the distance and wisdom that has come over the years. Like many, I thought I was super smart and super together, but

She Wants Revenge courtesy of Getty Images

She Wants Revenge – And Don’t We All?

I love American Horror Story. Despite the series’ many weird tics and questionable plot lines (“Asylum” had so much promise. Which went right down the ol’ swirler…), there are a few elements that never disappoint, like the opening credits, the wonderful weirdness, Angela Basset —

Big Thing, Small Package and All That

Over the past decade or so, NPR has managed to shed much of its earnest, dowdy image, thanks in large part to its adventures in music.   (This is something its cousin on the TV side, PBS, has not managed to do.) Shows like KCRW’s