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Wall of Books (Public Domain)

The Future of Libraries? Probably Not What You Think

It may come as a surprise to learn that libraries are actually thriving in this digital world.

A Short Defense of the Entourage Movie

Alright, alright. We know. Entourage absolutely earned its pans. It is shallow, simple-minded and trashy. But now that’s its available for online rental, let us offer a few encouraging words. Beneath the ample silliness, the main characters are consistently, yes, virtuous. Collectively, they always have

Classical Music Gets Crazy

Two energized duos are taking classical music in a popular, modern direction.

Who Knew Dying Could Be This Funny?

The dialogue, the timing, the gestures, the awkwardness, the honesty, the silliness, the discomfort… Who hasn’t felt those things as a teenager or as the parent of a teenager? Welcome to “Me And Earl And The Dying Girl.”

It Only Took 12 Years: A Worthy Band on the Rise

The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back is one of the irresistibly great pop tunes of the Motown era. It’s got everything: monster hooks, insane musicianship, young Michael’s soaring vocal, tight-and-clever lyrics. (The question of who actually played the sublime bass line – the immortal