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Antigone Rising

Antigone Rising Turns 20

Our interview with the all-female alt-country Antigone Rising arrives just as the band marks two decades of shaking things up – always with a sense of humor and killer riffs. Their next move? Using music to move the next generation of Girls Rising.

Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor: Beyond the Boundaries of Jazz

This revolutionary artist broke jazz out of its “bebop” box, and took it to places no one ever imagined. Cecil Taylor also wrote poetry and music for dance performances. Many consider him as influential as Coltrane and Ellington; it’s a shame he didn’t get more commercial attention.

Harpa in Reykjavik (Courtesy of Pixabay)

A Music Lover’s Guide to Reykjavik

Iceland has given us artists like Björk, Of Monsters and Men, and Sigur Rós. Reykjavik is the heart of the island’s rich cultural scene. From a contemporary concert hall to tiny clubs, and even a youth hostel, you’ll find some of the coolest new music being performed.

Cheers finest moments

From the TV Archives: “Cheers”’ Finest Moments

“Cheers” was nearly cancelled in its first season, but went on to become one of the defining series of the ’80s while making stars of Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, and Kirstie Alley and winning a ton of Emmys. P.S. That Thanksgiving food fight is still epic!

Sky Pony

Broadway May Have Found Its Own House Band in Sky-Pony

Husband-and-wife Kyle Jarrow and Lauren Worsham have serious Broadway credentials but their irreverent band is closer to the B-52s or the Talking Heads than Rodgers & Hammerstein. Who knows? They could become Broadway’s next big pop stars.