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David Bowie, Adman

David Bowie, who died of cancer only two days after the release of his newest album, BlackStar, appeared in a number of television ads over the years. But none seemed to suit him as well as the Louis Vuitton costume extravaganza. Set in a 18th

What Would Bowie Do?

I know I’m not alone in being absolutely stunned at the news of David Bowie’s passing this week. He had just marked his 69th birthday with the release of a new album, “Blackstar,” his first since 2013’s “The Next Day” which in itself marked a

The Best Band You’ve Never Heard

These guys should have been huge. But, alas… Still, their fans keep the dream alive. Who are they? Read on…

The Real Hunger Games Will Be Televised

OK, this is just… weird. CBS has a new reality-competition show in the works, in which contestants are hunted. Literally. And that is what they’re calling it: “Hunted.” (Personally, an exclamation point at the end would be fun, like a bad ‘70s action movie: “They

An Instrument that Remade Jazz, Rock, Soul and R&B

The Hammond organ is one of the most beguiling instruments ever devised. It’s the gritty, soulful underbelly of so many fabulous tunes that some entire genres can’t be imagined without it. Think “Gimme Some Lovin’” by Spencer Davis Group, “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by