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The Wonder of Stevie

When I spent way too much time dating in the 90s, I came across a great quote that changed who and why I dated. American author and social activist bell hooks spoke of making love while listening to the genius that is Stevie Wonder. I

Not Your Regular Morning Coffee…

Jerry Seinfeld launched the seventh – and arguably best – season of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with an episode featuring President Barack Obama, an extraordinary “get” in TV parlance. Some of the webisodes are side-splittingly funny, largely because Seinfeld and his

In Search of Perfect Pop: The Greatest Song The Cars Never Made

A couple weeks back, this site asked people what songs made them stop in their tracks. This begs the question of what kind of song commands enough attention to do so. It’s an unanswerable question, or at least one with no definitive answer. Some would

Your Favorite Movie Just Got a Nutso Makeover

Think of a great movie, like say, Gone With the Wind (one of my faves). A big part of its appeal is the soundtrack. GWTW would be something less minus the gorgeous Max Steiner score. Same for Casablanca. Fast-forward to movies like Pulp Fiction or

A “Thinking Man’s” Beer Ad?

Stella Artois lager has built its brand (and price) on a distinguished heritage of brewing in its home town of Leuven, Belgium, where ales were made as long ago as 1366. Around 1717, Sebastian Artois took over the brewery and in 1926, Stella Artois was