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“Dexter”: Celebrating Showtime’s Hero Serial Killer

Unlike many shows, Dexter (2006-2013) never had to find its groove. Showtime’s brilliant thriller about a friendly neighborhood serial killer who channels his compulsion to kill into a parade of principled murders had already hit its stride in Season One. Immediately, it was compulsively, subversively,

Samantha Bee PR TBS

Why Samantha Bee Needs to Go Nightly

Okay, Samantha, it’s time. You know it. We know it. TBS knows it. You’re having a moment. No one is covering this election with the bite and the balls that you do. This is your chance, but you have to seize that brass ring. You

“You’re the Worst” – It’s the Best

In 1983, almost half the entire population of the United States watched the finale of M*A*S*H, which was by then arguably a shadow of its former self. Last week, a little more than one in a thousand US citizens watched the third season premiere of

“Barely Famous”: What if Larry David Were a Beautiful, Young, Rich Woman?

Erin Foster, high on Ambien, laps up water from the desk of late-night talk show host Mo Mandel. At the same time, her sister Sara flees police on a car chase down the freeway with Kate Hudson’s son in her backseat. The uproarious final episode

10 Sundance Filmmakers with Cool Instagram Accounts

If you have a film, some talent, and a dream, there’s just no place better to make a name for yourself than the Sundance Film Festival. It should come as no surprise that many of these filmmakers would be all over Instagram. The platform offers