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A Sex Comedy for Our Times

No, it’s not just a cruder, edgier, gayer Portlandia. Yes, The Benefits of Gusbandry is an incredibly self-aware comedy of PC errors set among the hipster set. But unlike IFC’s Carrie and Fred, this web series’ main characters Jackie (Brooke Totman) and River (Kurt Conroyd)

A Once-in-a-Generation Film

If you’ve ventured beyond the comfort of your air conditioning in the past few months, you’ve likely heard someone – in fact, many someones — mention The Lobster. Released in May with the Cannes’ Jury Prize in tow, this film’s been steadily building momentum and

in our time podcast

The Best Show You’re Not Listening To

If you’re a regular visitor to CultureSonar, chances are you’ve either had the moment or will soon. It’s the moment when you wish you’d taken the time in college to learn more about subjects that weren’t part of your major. Well-known options like One Day

Still Blazin’ 60(ish) Years Later

When I read Ken Hymes’ post on pop music of the 1950s, I kept nodding my head and exclaiming ‘YES!’ Though we’ve never met, Ken and I have been working along parallel lines. I recently completed my own analysis of hit songs from the 1950s, only

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Where Food Meets Obsession — and Obsession Meets Art

This week’s radio segment focuses on some great food documentaries. You can listen here, or read on… Among a million other things, Jiro Ono will notice if a customer is left-handed, and seat him or her accordingly at one of the 10 seats of his three-Michelin-star