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Two Decades of Number One Guitar Solos in Number One Songs

Guitar-obsessed author Michael Rays talks about the six-string genius of The Beatles, the Stones, and the Byrds.

otis blue

The Timeless Charms of “Otis Blue”

Otis Redding’s voice conveys both pain and hope on this seminal album which never gets old.

fifth beatle

In Search of The Real Fifth Beatle

George Martin or Brian Epstein? Billy Preston or Pete Best? Who would you pick?

jimmie nicol

Ringo’s Replacement Gets a Big Screen Treatment

Drummer Jimmie Nicol played eight shows with The Beatles then disappeared. Now his story has been optioned for a movie. The author of the underlying book shared some stories with us.

protest songs

Top 10 Protest Songs from the 1960s

“A Change Is Gonna Come,” “Respect,” and “Give Peace a Chance” weren’t just popular songs. They had a purpose, too.