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Tom Hanks: Our Patron Saint of Nostalgia, Americana, & Humility

Tom Hanks recently turned 60, and for some reason, it left me bewildered. While the two-time Academy Award-winner is right around the same age as my own parents, the endlessly youthful Hanks always seems to exist in my consciousness as his mid-90s self, so reality

Flash Gordon – The Godiva of Brain Candy

With comics-based movies so ubiquitous nowadays, it’s easy to forget there was a time when their popularity wasn’t a given. So it was with the 1980 film version of Flash Gordon, which was a box-office disappointment before making the transition to cult-classic. Because I missed

Why “The Get Down” Will Be Your Next Netflix Binge

If you’ve already torn through Netflix’s excellent ode to the ‘80s Stranger Things, you don’t have long to wait for its next binge-worthy historical drama. Arriving from director Baz Luhrmann on August 12, The Get Down rewinds to New York City in the ‘70s. Like

Where Comedy Meets Mental Illness

Comedian Maria Bamford skips down the street while stealing balloons and shouting, “I feel French!” Soon thereafter, she coos to the camera, in a shampoo-commercial voice, those corny cliches you might read on the bottom of a yogurt top or inside the discarded wrapper of

Putting the “Novel” in Graphic Novel

For all the efforts to make superheroes multi-dimensional in contemporary comics, there’s one key area writers have struggled to address. For the most part, these characters don’t have much of a life beyond their heroic pursuits. Obviously, Clark Kent works at the Daily Planet with