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beatles singles

Twice Hit: The Top 9 Double-Sided Singles of the Beatles

“Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You.” “Hey Jude” and “Revolution.” Some Beatles singles were twice as nice.

chris cornell

5 Chris Cornell Covers to Give You “The Feels”

The late frontman for Soundgarden will give you goosebumps with his takes on “Nothing Compares to You” and “A Day in the Life”.

otis blue

The Timeless Charms of “Otis Blue”

Otis Redding’s voice conveys both pain and hope on this seminal album which never gets old.

the sonics

“Here Are the Sonics”: No Room for Fussing Around

The Sonics’ debut followed one rock ‘n’ roll formula and that formula worked.

jack the ripper

One of the Strangest Muses in Pop History

A notorious serial killer makes appearances in songs by everyone from Link Wray to Volbeat.