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Shedding Light on the “Shadowman”

Artist Richard Hambleton strode step-for-step with icons Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Documentary filmmaker Oren Jacoby’s got an inside look at a major force of the ’80s street art movement.

Orlando Jones: Just Another TV Auteur

He’s left his mark on some cultish TV series and movies: “Office Space,” “Sleepy Hollow,” and of course, “MADtv.”

Little Silver Mines for Gold with “Somewhere You Found My Name”

What you might get mashing up Blondie, Gillian Welch and Yo La Tengo… for starters.

Playing Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Amy Helm, Josh Ritter, and Richard Thompson all lent their voices for this excellent memorial concert recording.

What’s the Next Big Flavor for America?

“Eight Flavors” author Sarah Lohman on a trendy taste that’s green, tart, and showing up in Walmart.