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Diana Ross and The Supremes

“Where Did Our Love Go” — The “Thriller” of the ’60s?

Before topping the US charts and establishing themselves as perhaps the definitive voice of Motown, The Supremes had their fair share of unsuccessful singles. The first four were taken from the group’s debut album. Next came 1963’s “A Breathtaking Guy,” a smooth composition penned and

karl wallinger

Karl Wallinger and His New “World Party”

I was recently reminded of two of my favorite 80s tracks: The Waterboys and “Whole of the Moon” (1985) and World Party’s “Ship of Fools” (1987). Both prominently featured Karl Wallinger on vocals, guitar and keyboards (in differing combinations). Wallinger joined The Waterboys as the

Americana and Dylan’s “Planet Waves”

There’s a narrative about Bob Dylan’s ’60s career that goes about like this: folk maverick goes electric, wins new fans, makes three essential albums, has a motorcycle accident, and is creatively and commercially more or less defunct until Blood on the Tracks in 1975. My

superhero theme songs

The Super Theme Songs of Batman, Flash Gordon, and The Incredibles

The swelling of strings, the beat of the drums, the shredding of an electric guitar…Every superhero needs a great song to herald their arrival but the perfect theme does not come often or easily. To truly capture the essence of a character — especially one

Beatles covers

10 Beatles Covers You Really Need to Hear

There’s probably no other band as widely covered as The Beatles. Practically from the moment they first emerged, they’ve been fodder for interpretations by artists from just about every genre. Through the decades, the Fab Four cover train has never stopped rolling. And in the