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greenwood cemetery music

Soul-Stirring Music in the Green-Wood Cemetery

Leonard Bernstein’s resting place in Brooklyn proves an unusually dramatic site for a concert series of classical music by musicians such as Bridget Kibbey, Gregg Kallor, and twins Christina and Michelle Naughton.

Beatle collections

The Pleasures of the Repackaged Beatles

German rarities and Fab Four re-takes are included in these thematic Beatles collections from the ’70s and ’80s. While they may’ve been snubbed by purists, these records actually prove to be more than you’d first guess.

ted hawkins

Watch Your Step: Ted Hawkins’ Strong Start

His astonishing debut LP was recorded when Ted Hawkins was a street performer – and released when he was in jail. The reissue from Craft Recordings lovingly recaptures his unique blend of blues, folk, and soul.