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what makes a great riff

What Makes a Great Riff?

It only takes a few notes, but you’re hooked. In this episode of their “Breaking It Down” podcast, John Montagna and Jeff Ganz furiously trade riffs and analyze what makes them so great.

woodstock at 50

Why Woodstock Still Matters

49 years ago today, a generation came out to play. And Woodstock is still making an impact. In this first of a three-part video series, Wade Lawrence (Director and Senior Curator at The Museum at Bethel Woods) walks us through the nearly miraculous history of the festival-that-almost-wasn’t. Here’s the backstory of three days of peace, love, and music with Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and CCR.

8 Track classic rock

The Easiest Way to Define Classic Rock

Media Experts have used plenty of methods to nail down exactly “what” constitutes Classic Rock, including the years and the artists. But we’ve sussed it down to one simple component: The 8-Track Tape.