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Wendy and Lisa Getty

Wendy and Lisa Have Created Their Own Revolution

The names of these two musicians are always conspicuously absent from those Women in Music lists and that’s a damn disgrace.


In Celebration of Prince’s Multiple Personalities

To mark the one-year anniversary of his passing, a look at Prince’s musical identities, from rock guitarist to jazz piano man.

court and spark

How “Girls” Helped Me Rediscover Joni Mitchell

Mitchell’s “Court and Spark” (1974) popped up recently on the HBO series “Girls.” Listening to it again leads to surprising finds.

How Pop Was Born In West Africa

(Everything I am about to tell you is boiled down. Exceptions abound, I can’t tell the whole story in a few hundred words, and music is so big and complex that it wouldn’t be hard to find another angle on this. But I want to

karl wallinger

Karl Wallinger and His New “World Party”

I was recently reminded of two of my favorite 80s tracks: The Waterboys and “Whole of the Moon” (1985) and World Party’s “Ship of Fools” (1987). Both prominently featured Karl Wallinger on vocals, guitar and keyboards (in differing combinations). Wallinger joined The Waterboys as the