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Beatles covers

10 Beatles Covers You Really Need to Hear

There’s probably no other band as widely covered as The Beatles. Practically from the moment they first emerged, they’ve been fodder for interpretations by artists from just about every genre. Through the decades, the Fab Four cover train has never stopped rolling. And in the

british invasion

The British Invasion is An American Story

We are beyond delighted to welcome Dave Mason to CultureSonar as a regular contributor. His guitar-callused fingerprints are all over some of the biggest groups, artists and songs of the ‘60s and ‘70s. He was a founding member of Traffic, with friends Steve Winwood and

1980s albums

10 Albums that Defined Being a Teen in the ‘80s

If you thought watching Stranger Things brought you back to the days of Izod shirts, Trapper Keepers and New Coke, then you’re going to love finding out that U2 will be touring in 2017 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Joshua Tree. Given this

maggot brain

“Maggot Brain,” Funkadelic’s All-Time Masterpiece

Listening to Funkadelic’s first two albums always gives me the feeling that something’s missing. That they aren’t quite there yet. It’s not that they’re bad by any means – in fact, both the R&B-inflicted grooves of the debut and the psych guitar freak-outs of Free

beatles obsession

How The Beatles (Almost) Destroyed My Sanity

In the beginning, I’m just like any other teenage girl… Mid-January 1964:  Somebody at school mentions a band called The Beatles. Yuuch. They sound like bugs. Our January 31, 1964 Life Magazine issue is delivered to our house in Queens, NY. Their pictures are on