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Life in an ’80s Band? Totally Rad!

There’s something about the decade of big hair and big beats that makes people happy. For guitarist Vinnie DeMasi, the past is so bright, he’s gotta wear shades…

mike michel

My Personal Journey “On The Mend“ with Tinnitus

Musician Mike Michel shares how a personal trauma nearly derailed his career and how music brought him back.

beatles supremes guitar

1968: The Year The Supremes Out-Guitared The Beatles

If you compare “Hey Jude” and “Love Child,” The Supremes’ number comes out ahead in at least one regard.

Wendy and Lisa Getty

Wendy and Lisa Have Created Their Own Revolution

The names of these two musicians are always conspicuously absent from those Women in Music lists and that’s a damn disgrace.


In Celebration of Prince’s Multiple Personalities

To mark the one-year anniversary of his passing, a look at Prince’s musical identities, from rock guitarist to jazz piano man.