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5 New Blues Albums You Need to Hear

What’s new on the scene? Releases from Grammy nominee Janiva Magness, Muddy Waters’ offspring Mud Morganfield, and Sunshine State trailblazers Backstreet Blues Band.

The Five Best Beatles Soundalikes

The Aerovons, Liverpool Echo, and Emitt Rhodes truly soaked up the Fab Four vibe…

10 Albums to Look for in 2018

New releases from Joanna Sternberg, Jerry DeCicca and The James Hunter Six may get them all “above” the radar.

Joe Henry Captures Lightning in a Bottle on “Thrum”

The veteran singer-songwriter took a way unconventional approach to his newest album.

9 Fall Albums to Be Thankful For

Here’s a feast for your ears, courtesy of Richard Thompson, Robert Finley, and Seven Fields of Aphelion.