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Jabo Starks

Saluting Jabo Starks: Five Takes on “Sex Machine”

When drummer Jabo Starks died in May 2018, we lost the last living link to that funky James Brown groove. But a wide array of artists, from Prince to Iggy Pop to Q Burns Abstract Message, furthered his contributions by incorporating his unique rhythmic vibe into some of their songs.

Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor: Beyond the Boundaries of Jazz

This revolutionary artist broke jazz out of its “bebop” box, and took it to places no one ever imagined. Cecil Taylor also wrote poetry and music for dance performances. Many consider him as influential as Coltrane and Ellington; it’s a shame he didn’t get more commercial attention.

the pyramids new jazz

New Jazz 2018: Idris Ackamoor to Dan Weiss

Spacey “spiritual” jazz, Van Morrison’s gift for improv, an Estonian pianist, and a “brain-shattering version of Nirvana’s ‘Negative Creep’…these are just a few of the artists taking jazz music into entirely uncharted directions. Ready for it?