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los angeles films

Five Films: Hooray for Hollywood

This town loves making movies about itself. For example, “Sunset Boulevard,” “I Love You Alice B. Toklas,” “Tangerine…”

los angeles

A Tinseltown Tour With a Time Warp Twist

As Nashville is to music, Vegas to decadence and DC to government — LA is about movie-star glamour. Here are our fave places to enjoy a slice of timeless style.

la la land

Here’s to the Ones Who Dream: The Magic of La La Land

The world seems pretty dark these days but remember: It’s in darkness where we dream most vividly. And no film this year has captured the hearts and minds of weary audiences quite like the Technicolor musical La La Land. The movie follows two also-weary yet optimistic

Let Paul Simon, James Taylor and Bob Dylan Be Your Travel Guides

Whether you’re one of the weary souls crowding onto planes, trains and into automobiles to head home for the holidays this month, or one of many more looking to escape on a Kerouacian journey of self discovery, you can be sure there’s a soundtrack to

urban home blog

Urban Home Blog Has Helpful Advice on Halloween, Houseplants and Hummingbirds

It may seem off-center for a home-keeping blog to blip on CultureSonar’s sonar, but think about it: There are as many definitions of “home” as there are people living. We discovered that there is more to Urban Home Blog than recipes and crafty projects, though