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rhythm video games

The Rhythm Is Going to Get You…in a Video Game

Join a band in “Guitar Hero Live” or bust moves in “Just Dance 2017.”

A Network for Music Geeks? Yes, Please.

Qello is “the Netflix for music.” CultureSonar readers can get a 30-day free subscription. Go to and enter the code CultureSonarFD. No credit card info required. No scam. No strings attached. Just a lot of cool, free music stuff.

steve winwood

A Short History of Traffic – Starting With Winwood (Part 1)

The English rock band Traffic pioneered “the creative retreat” by holing up in the country before going into the studio.

saturday night live

The Strange Movie Musical Legacy of “Saturday Night Live”

From “Wayne’s World” to “Dreamgirls” to “The Blues Brothers,” SNL alum have made some wonderful musicals.


“Draw the Line”: Aerosmith’s Messy Success

This stellar piece of ’70s hard rock had each band member popping into the studio to add his own part.