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music debates

We Said, You Said

From Bar Bands to Concept Albums to The Who, our lists have generated some great music debates.

mothers day

Mother’s Day Mixtape

The Shirelles, John Lennon, and Pink Floyd all put their thoughts about mom into song.

Roger Waters Getty

Making a Personal Connection to Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut”

“The Final Cut” may not rank at the top of many Pink Floyd fan lists, but It is an album whose narrative, if you manage to connect with it, will stay with you forever.

albums for 4/20

10 Albums for 4/20 Besides “Dark Side of the Moon”

The Stones, The Doors, and Steely Dan each have at least one album fit for this unofficial holiday.

Some Songs for Tax Day

The Beatles, Hall & Oates, and Donna Summer sing about the almighty dollar.