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A Bit About Power Pop’s Past and Future

Pugwash further enriches a music genre with an already-rich history.


The Crooked Path to Badfinger’s “Straight Up”

Geoff Emerick, George Harrison, and Todd Rundgren all had a hand in the extended production of this 1971 album.

The Clear Appeal of Tinted Windows

If you like power pop in the vein of Cheap Trick, The Knack, Jellyfish, The Raspberries and Big Star, you should check out the relatively unheralded but hugely entertaining Tinted Windows. It’s a bracing combination of clever songwriting and killer musicianship from folks whose bands you may already admire.

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The Joy of Jellyfish

If you love power pop — finely crafted tunes featuring great hooks, earworm melodies and powerful musicianship — then you either already revere Jellyfish, or should discover them — immediately.

The Top 13 Albums of 2016

  If you were making a musical time capsule for the year 2016, you’d want to be comprehensive, right? And that might involve breaking some rules (like keeping your list narrowed down to 10). So be it. And so we present our picks for the