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emitt rhodes

5 Tuneful Reasons to Care Emitt Rhodes Is Back

Part of the ’60s group The Merry-Go-Round, Rhodes now has a voice and sensibility all his own.

dee dee ramone

16 Songs That Prove Dee Dee Ramone Was a Kick-Ass Songwriter

He wrote about everything from drug addiction to politics, love, UFOS, and even warthogs.

dennis wilson

Dennis Wilson in 10 Songs

“Forever,” “Thoughts of You,” and “Dreamer” showcase the other Wilson’s range and talent as a songwriter.

mike michel

My Personal Journey “On The Mend“ with Tinnitus

Musician Mike Michel shares how a personal trauma nearly derailed his career and how music brought him back.

harry nilsson

6 Songs That Embody Harry Nilsson’s Enduring Appeal

He provided The Monkees with a hit in “Cuddly Toy,” and took Three Dog Night up the charts with “One.”