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mike michel

My Personal Journey “On The Mend“ with Tinnitus

Musician Mike Michel shares how a personal trauma nearly derailed his career and how music brought him back.

joni mitchell hejira

Joni Mitchell’s “Hejira”: An Underappreciated Masterpiece

Everyone has albums they come back to again and again, albums they would take to their proverbial desert island. Such albums have made a deep connection to the heart, and to life experience, sometimes in ways we barely understand, or only slowly unpack as we

Has Technology Killed the Guitar?

Numerous sources point to a rapid decline in sales of guitars. Fender in particular has seen a steep drop in revenue. Anyone listening to recent pop hits will notice a marked absence of guitars. Of course, the rock band has not disappeared – indie rock

Out of This World: The Martian Chronicles on Radio

It’s been over fifty years since radio drama ended as a mass entertainment in America. Despite periodic attempts at revival, the medium remains a curiosity in the current media landscape. Then again, even in the the last few years that CBS supported a handful of