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rubber soul

“Rubber Soul” Is for Lovers

Author John Kruth talks about one Beatles masterpiece and his changing Fab Four allegiances.

dave dexter

Stop Knocking the American Releases of The Beatles, Already

The Capitol Records exec who tinkered with The Beatles albums gets a lot of heat. What did he do right? Well, a few things…

music debates

We Said, You Said

From Bar Bands to Concept Albums to The Who, our lists have generated some great music debates.

The Beatles 1967 photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Complex Simplicity of “Lucy in the Sky”

It may have a childlike spirit, but “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” reveals a fully mature songwriter at the peak of his powers. Here’s an appreciation of that groundbreaking track.

beatles albums readers choice

Your Top 5 Beatles Albums

After we shared some expert opinions on what Beatles album is the best, you weighed in with your own thoughts on the matter.