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rubber soul

From Zero-to-Masterpiece in 30 Days

“Rubber Soul” was a race against the clock, as The Beatles had only 30 days to write, record and mix an album — from scratch! That the result was a masterpiece makes the story even more remarkable. The latest film in the “Deconstructing The Beatles” series tells the tale.


In Celebration of Prince’s Multiple Personalities

To mark the one-year anniversary of his passing, a look at Prince’s musical identities, from rock guitarist to jazz piano man.

ps i love you

The Surprising, Lasting Influence of “P.S. I Love You”

The Beatles had “big ears” that were open to influences from all sorts of music — and it showed on their very first single. They were the first in Rock n’ Roll (we think) to use chord changes that later appeared everywhere.

The Beau Brummels

America’s Beatles: From The Beau Brummels to The Turtles to The Byrds

The first Beatles-like American pop group to have a hit were San Francisco’s The Beau Brummels. But they weren’t the last.

Some Songs for Tax Day

The Beatles, Hall & Oates, and Donna Summer sing about the almighty dollar.