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5 Classic Songs That Owe Their Very Existence to Chuck Berry

When Chuck Berry left us at the age of 90 on Mar. 18, 2017, the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer left behind an enormous treasure trove of tunes that changed the world. Without the likes of “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Johnny B. Goode,” and “Rock and Roll

broad street

“Give My Regards to Broad Street” Sure Has Aged Well

For its Paul McCartney soundtrack alone (produced by George Martin), this movie deserves a second look.


The Top 5 Dylan Covers by The Byrds

The Byrds’ take on “Mr. Tambourine Man” and “Chimes of Freedom” created a new way to hear Dylan — and established the band as perhaps Dylan’s most inspired interpreter.

beatles books

Since You’ve Already Heard The Beatles, Read Them

Former wives and Fab Four scholars reveal what made John, Paul, George and Ringo tick.

Beatles At The BBC Getty

Tension, Release and “Revolver”

When you think of The Beatles’ “Revolver,” 12th-century religious music is probably not the first thing that leaps to mind. Here’s one reason why it should.