Author: Scott Freiman

Scott Freiman is a composer, producer, musician, teacher, tech entrepreneur, and Beatleologist. In his copious spare time, he dreams up articles for CultureSonar. Sometimes, he actually writes them.
rubber soul

From Zero-to-Masterpiece in 30 Days

“Rubber Soul” was a race against the clock, as The Beatles had only 30 days to write, record and mix an album — from scratch! That the result was a masterpiece makes the story even more remarkable. The latest film in the “Deconstructing The Beatles” series tells the tale.

Beatles At The BBC Getty
Hear See

Tension, Release and “Revolver”

When you think of The Beatles’ “Revolver,” 12th-century religious music is probably not the first thing that leaps to mind. Here’s one reason why it should.